New Generation Taxi Booking Plugin for wordpress woocommerce

WP Ride Booking is a powerful plugin for creating professional online travel booking services and enabling travel websites. It is the best WordPress Taxi Booking plugin for taxi service providers because by using it you can easily manage your bookings and customer details. Moreover it gives your users flexibility to calculate their ride fares at the time of booking. In conclusion, it will be helpful for all of them who want to make money through their vehicles such as taxi, car, bus, limo and other vehicles.

Our plugin is a boon for small to large level of online travel business. It is very affordable and easy to use plugin.  It also have potential to create website for travel booking agencies in few minutes. WordPress and Woocommerce compatibility makes this plugin unique and standard for the open source system.

Woocommerce Compatibility is a major factor of the plugin so you can easily enhance the plugin with WooCommerce filters, actions and hooks. It stores the booking information as custom fields in the WooCommerce orders.

Major Benefits of Woocommerce Compatible Taxi Booking Plugin

Benefits of using custom fields : As WordPress provides many features likewise searching, sorting and many built in query options for the custom fields such as Meta queries. So we have provided booking information as a custom field within the orders which is beneficial for the business to identify their customers.

Benefits of using Woocommerce Coupons: Our plugin WooCommerce compatible so you can share various discount coupons or vouchers with your customers. You can give flat amount discount as well as percentage discount to promote your business.

Using of  Woocommerce Tax Classes: Likewise other products you may apply taxes on booking and for achieving this, you do not need to do any extra things because WooCommerce provides Tax classes. Our plugin is compatible for those tax classes and can handle the taxes as well.

Best WordPress Vehicle booking Plugin

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WorPress Taxi booking Plugin

Why WP Ride Booking is best for Taxi Booking Websites?

As the market is very competitive for taxi booking agencies. Therefore they need to make their impressive online presence in the growing market to take business upto high level. Our Taxi Booking Plugin have ability to cover all the functionalities that would be required to run an online taxi booking business. You can add trips, destination, feature travel activities as well as highlight the specialties of your taxi booking website by enabling it with our WordPress Taxi Booking plugin. Enriched with WooCommerce compatibility therefore it supports custom fields, WooCommerce tax classes and discount coupon feature.

WordPress Taxi booking plugin is very reliable, flexible as well as highly customizable. Moreover, it is helpful for clients in order to accepts payments from your customers at the time of booking their rides. In addition it is also compatible with both single as well as multi site WordPress installations.

It offers you to accept online payments and manage multiple bookings through WooCommerce nice admin interface. As well as it helps you to grow and manage your online travel agencies. In addition it has various currency option to set the ride charge that makes it a powerful plugin for world wide users.

Taxi Booking WordPress Plugin

Make your travel booking website functional, SEO friendly and scalable in a few minutes by enabling WP Ride Booking Pro

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Advantages of Our Taxi Booking Plugin

  • Easy to Setup

    With our WordPress Taxi Booking Plugin you may easily setup travel websites in few minutes.

  • Simple to Use

    With this wonderful plugin all you have to do is just to put a simple shortcode to display form.

  • Premium Support

    We provide premium support to our customers and helps them to survive in today's competitive world.

  • Works With Any Theme

    No need to worry about the theme compatibility as WP Ride Booking works with almost all WordPress themes.

  • Payment Options

    Supports various payment gateways such as Paypal,, credit cards etc.

  • Transparent Sale

    WP Ride Booking pro ensures to provide transparent and hassle free checkout process.

  • Highly Customizable

    Developer Friendly code facilitates flexibility to customize and achieve greater level of features.

  • Currency Options

    It supports almost all currency options which are supported by woocommerce.


  • Woocommerce Compatible

    Compatibilty with WooCommerce gives you ability to use of Webhooks,Tax Classes, Discount Coupons, offers etc.

  • Customized Design

    You may change look and feel of the plugin by setting color options or adding custom css according to your theme.

  • Online Payments

    Accepts all major credit cards, alternative payment methods, BACS (bank transfers) as it supports Woocommerce.

  • Cross Browser Compatible

    Our plugin is cross browser compatible as well as responsive therefore it has flexible layout on major browsers and screen sizes.

  • Distance Units Option

    Allows you to choose distance unit so you may choose from km/mi according to your travel business needs.

  • WPML Support

    It is compatible with WPML as well as supports language translation. So plugin can be translated in user specific language.


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