WooCommerce for Taxi Booking

Taxi Booking Plugin
WooCommerce is a powerful Ecommerce plugin for the wordpress and it has a lot of features including Order Management, Invoicing, PDF Invoices, Coupons, Taxes and Multi Currency Support.
So what a Taxi or Cab booking website needs is a simple UI for the customers and can get orders and the payments. What our WooCommerce based Taxi Booking Plugin do that our plugin uses the power of Woocommerce and provides a quick and easy UI for the customers to enter pickup and drop off location and choose the date and time. Our plugin automatically calculate the distance and applies the charges set by the admin and charges the customers.
Administrators has many features like Coupons, Taxes, VAT and different currencies and can install any third party tool for their CRM like HubSpot, InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign etc.
Our magical taxi booking plugin provides all these features due to the power of WooCommerce where you would have a lot of options to expand your website.
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