wordpress plugin for taxi booking with luggage and passenger

Several Taxi, Cab, Bus booking agencies wants to limit the passenger and luggage according to the vehicle they choose.

What would you do if someone book your taxi which has capacity of 4 and at the time of pickup they ask for more then what would you do? Either you would cancel the booking or will manage in some way.

But every time it would be a trouble for any taxi, cab or bus booking agency to face such problem every time.

So the Cab booking plugin should have the feature to limit the number of passenger and number of luggage per vehicle.

Also if there are additional passengers then some agencies arrange another vehicle and then charge the customer extra.

For the luggage booking agencies needs to have some features so that they could restrict booking if there are more passengers than capacity or more luggage than the allowed capacity.

Luckily all Taxi, Cab or Bus booking agencies can purchase our Advanced Plugin which has features to solve the above problem.

Our plugin doesn’t allow more number of passengers or luggage than the capacity you set within the admin to view the demo try to input larger values within our demo and you may check with some larger values of passengers and luggage.

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